Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wednesday 24th January

The boys were awake before the girls this morning, with some only waking 10 minutes before the bell.

Group B went to the field to build their shelters. 1 group were very quick off the mark to grasp the concept and worked well together. Consequently their team built the best structure, but that meant we had to use the biggest bucket of water to test the how waterproof it was. Unfortunately some of the other structures didn't pass this test and the children got quite wet.

Group A were very excited to be doing Earthquake. It lived up to its reputation and they loved it. Climbing over the assault course proved challenging, as they had to carry ladders, spades, a baby and a giant dog. The final test was to survive leaping over the lava on the rope swing. Erin and Megan thought they would try to wade through, so got wet feet!

This afternoon the whole group learnt how a mouse survives the cold weather. We set out our 'mouse hotels'. Watch this space tomorrow to find out how many we caught.

A big thank you to Zaid for sharing his birthday cake with us and we hope he had a great birthday!

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  1. I will assume that it was my Megan who waded through...i am not surprised haha


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