Thursday, 26 January 2017

Thursday 26th January

We woke to a very cold day! After wrapping up with many layers we set off to our last full days activities.

The excitement level was high, as we went to the conservation area to see if we had any visitors to our mouse hotels. Mrs Parsons and Mrs Bowie were more excited than the children, when they found the door to their hotels closed. We were very lucky and 4 long tailed field mice were caught.  The children then compared their weight and length and carefully sketched them before returning them to the wild.

This afternoon Group A explored the ponds. After breaking the ice again, they put their nets in hopefully. Back in the classroom they successfully identified stickleback and a phantom midge larvae using keys and books.

Group B finally got to go on Earthquake. The children worked to rescue people from an imaginary earthquake. This involved them carrying equipment through tunnels and across climbing last they swung across Lava Leap. 6 children found out that the lava wasn't as boiling hot as they thought, as they let go of the rope too early.

The evening finished with the S-factor. Well done to all the children who sung and performed a variety of songs.

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  1. Looks like you've all had a fantastic time ... we can't wait to see you today Maddy xx mummy,daddy & Freddie xx


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