Monday, 23 January 2017

Monday 23rd January

A great first day. It was cold and foggy but that didn't stop us enjoying Eggstreme challenge and pond dipping.

We set off from school very excited.After unpacking and finding our way around the site through the fog we put on many layers so we wouldn't feel the cold.

The pond dipping group had to break the ice first with a broom handle. It was exciting when we caught beetles, fish and snails.

Team building was the focus for the Eggstreme challenge group. Working together to earn packaging
 to protect the egg was the aim. The eggs were then fired from the trebuchet. 2 groups were successful!! with one group breaking theirs before they got to the trebuchet.

We went to the hide after supper, but unfortunately the badgers were elsewhere tonight.The girls did see a fox  having his tea but he had left by the time the boys got there. Maybe we will get a chance to go back later in the week.

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  1. It's certainly quiet in our house ... Freddie is missing his sister already xx Thank you for our notes Maddie so thoughtful x Hope you all had a fantastic first day we can't wait to see you and what you've all been up to. Xx love from Maddy's mummy :) ( sorry we had to retune this! )


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