Friday, 27 January 2017

Friday 27th January

The last morning!

Tiredness had kicked in and more of us slept in until the rising bell. Then it was time for breakfast before we started the epic task of packing. Some of us found it more a challenge than the rest of us, but finally we managed to squeeze our cases shut,

Then it was time for Stubbington Fox. The teachers eagerly took the role of the farmer, hunting out the foxes and stamping with the pirate stamp when they were spotted. As the game drew to a close, the teachers took revenge and filled any space left on our faces with more stamps.

After lunch, the coach arrived and we said goodbye to the Stubbington staff. We thanked them for a fabulous week and one that we will always remember. Back at school we were greeted by all our parents, who had obviously missed us greatly. We went home for an early night and to wash our faces clean.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Thursday 26th January

We woke to a very cold day! After wrapping up with many layers we set off to our last full days activities.

The excitement level was high, as we went to the conservation area to see if we had any visitors to our mouse hotels. Mrs Parsons and Mrs Bowie were more excited than the children, when they found the door to their hotels closed. We were very lucky and 4 long tailed field mice were caught.  The children then compared their weight and length and carefully sketched them before returning them to the wild.

This afternoon Group A explored the ponds. After breaking the ice again, they put their nets in hopefully. Back in the classroom they successfully identified stickleback and a phantom midge larvae using keys and books.

Group B finally got to go on Earthquake. The children worked to rescue people from an imaginary earthquake. This involved them carrying equipment through tunnels and across climbing last they swung across Lava Leap. 6 children found out that the lava wasn't as boiling hot as they thought, as they let go of the rope too early.

The evening finished with the S-factor. Well done to all the children who sung and performed a variety of songs.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wednesday 24th January

The boys were awake before the girls this morning, with some only waking 10 minutes before the bell.

Group B went to the field to build their shelters. 1 group were very quick off the mark to grasp the concept and worked well together. Consequently their team built the best structure, but that meant we had to use the biggest bucket of water to test the how waterproof it was. Unfortunately some of the other structures didn't pass this test and the children got quite wet.

Group A were very excited to be doing Earthquake. It lived up to its reputation and they loved it. Climbing over the assault course proved challenging, as they had to carry ladders, spades, a baby and a giant dog. The final test was to survive leaping over the lava on the rope swing. Erin and Megan thought they would try to wade through, so got wet feet!

This afternoon the whole group learnt how a mouse survives the cold weather. We set out our 'mouse hotels'. Watch this space tomorrow to find out how many we caught.

A big thank you to Zaid for sharing his birthday cake with us and we hope he had a great birthday!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Tuesday again

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Tuesday 24th January

We woke up to another foggy day.  We had survived the first night, but did wake up early and were ready for our cooked breakfasts. As the sun was beginning to peep through the clouds, we tidied our rooms for inspection. Some of us had more tidying to do than others!!

Group A set about building their shelters from the branches provided. This required teamwork, we all rose to the occasion and worked together. Mrs Vickery helped test our shelters to see if they were waterproof. Some of us got quite wet!

Group B completed a set of challenges to earn protection for their eggs. They must have done well as they had a 100% success rate, no eggs broken.

This afternoon the sun came out as we walked down to the beach. Rock pool making, fossil hunting and sandcastle building were planned. After successfully finding whelks, anemones and periwinkles, we left our rock pools to settle. We manged to easily find some impressive sharks teeth and fossils.

Our evening entertainment was listening to a fascinating talk about wildlife around Stubbington.
Then it was time for bed,

so that we had a good night's sleep to prepare us for tomorrow's fun