Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Stubbington - Day 3

It's day 3 at Stubbington Study Centre and everyone is a little more rested - all children were asleep by half past nine without any fuss!

This morning, Mr Harcombe joined us for the bedroom inspection - we think he was impressed by our tidiness. Well done to kestrels and badgers for winning the most points this morning.

Group A's first activity this morning was earthquake - this is the one we have all been waiting for.

After stocking up with handy equipment we made our way around a tricky assault course, being careful not to drop anything (or anyone) in the lava and rescuing people along the way. This really tested our teamwork skills and we had LOTS of fun!

Towards the end, we had to make it over lava leap by swinging on a rope. Some of us were really successful...

...some of us were not so successful!

Miss Simpson had a go too. She fell in but we couldn't snap it in time!

A big well done to Owen who demonstrated excellent communication skills and Charlotte who was excellent at encouraging the rest of her team. 

Meanwhile, Group B took part in the 'egg'streme challenge we told you about yesterday. Can you guess who is in this picture?

Well done to these two groups whose egg survived the trebuchet flight!

These two groups did not care for the egg quite so well but did try extremely hard and worked really well as a team. 

After lunch, Group A and B joined together to search for animal tracks and signs. We found some interesting badger holes, some pine cones that had been nibbled at and even and badger's paw print in the mud. 

Amazingly, one child even spotted a hedgehog?!?!

We then built mammal hotels in the hope of finding some furry friends. We stuffed our mammal hotels with hay, apple and seed to make it more welcoming. 

We then left them in tubes on the ground and camouflaged them to blend in with the scenery. We will return tomorrow to see if anything decided to check in. 

And now for the big reveal... the winners of the Stubbington fox awards this evening are: Ellie Murrell for being brave and trying new things; Matthew Gamblin for being well organised; Lauren Guest for having and 'egg'cellent attitude in the he 'egg'streme challenge; and Edith Millson for being a true friend to everyone. Well done!

A minute ago, Mrs Holt, Mr Jones and Mr Pople arrived to visit us - Mrs Hadlow is on her way too. 

We are all about to play hide and seek in the dark and then go to the hide to watch for badgers. We will let you know how it goes tomorrow!

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