Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Stubbington - Day 2

We woke this morning after a 'peaceful' night of rest. We had a couple of tears at bedtime last night but they cleared up quickly and everyone was smiling again by the morning.  

After a filling breakfast, it was time for a bedroom inspection. Every day, Mr Scarborough and his team will check that we have made our beds, folded our clothes and cleaned our bathrooms of clutter - they are very strict! If we do well we earn points for our team. Well done to the foxes who earned the most points this morning. 

We then set off on our first set of activities...

Group A's activity was the 'eggstreme' challenge. For this we had to work in teams to complete some tricky tasks. For each task we completed we received counters for our team - we soon learnt to work together for the best results. 

Next, we visited the materials shop. Here we were given an egg and the chance to exchange our counters for a range of different materials. The aim of the task was to use the materials to create cushioning for the egg so that it could survive a flight. 

Finally, it was time to test how well our designs would work. We inserted our eggs into a large trebuchet and flung them across the courtyard. A massive well done to Jason, Hollie, Emmy, Emily S, Tom O, Jake and Tom K who managed to make their egg survive the flight!

Meanwhile, Group B took part in the shelter building and orienteering activities that we told you about yesterday. 

A big well done to Charlie who demonstrated excellent teamwork skills whilst building his shelter and Louis and Presley who completed the orienteering task in the fastest time.

In the afternoon, we all took a trip down to the beach - it was cold but we had lots of fun. Even the stones were smiling!

We took part in three activities at the beach: 

1. We built rock pools from creatures we found on the sea shore. We found periwinkles, anemones, mussels and crabs. 

2. We went searching for fossils. We found a range if different ones and a couple of us found some shark teeth! 

3. We made sculptures with materials from the sea shore. 

Well done to Milly, Violet, Georgina and Chloe who were chosen as the team who created the best art work...

... and Zac, Ben, Alfie and Edward who were chosen as the children that worked the best as a team.

We have also been enjoying our free time. Especially when we get to play on the adventure playground!

Today's Stubbington fox awards went to Jason for using his initiative in group challenges and Owen and Ryley for demonstrating excellent map reading skills during orienteering.

We will be back tomorrow with more Stubbington news.

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