Monday, 2 March 2015

Stubbington - Day 1

Our Stubbington adventure began today! We met this morning in the music room and were surprised by how much luggage the children had:

After managing to squeeze it all on the coach, we set off!

When we arrived, we had time to look around and settle into our rooms. It was then time for our first set of activities.

Group A built shelters first. We had to work in teams to build a shelter that would protect us from the rain. It was a slow start...

...but we got there in the end.

It was then time to test them out. All children climbed into their shelters whilst the adults tipped a bucket of water over them (we didn't enjoy this at all - honest!). Some children got a little more wet than others!

A big well done to Milly, Lydia, Matthew, Jason and Emily S who were chosen as the winners for building the most successful shelter. 

We then did some orienteering where we used picture clues to navigate around the Stubbington grounds. Each clue lead us to part of a message which lead us to a prize at the end (a Stubbington badge).

Meanwhile, Group B went pond dipping. 

Luckily nobody fell in and we found a range of interesting creatures, including pond skaters, snails and water boatmen. Well done to Ben who was an excellent fisherman. 

It is also a very special day for Milly today - her 9th birthday! The staff at Stubbington very kindly made her a cake and we all sang to her...

Each day we will be choosing children to receive a Stubbington fox award. Today's winners were Hannah Gamblin for helping a friend on the adventure playground and Milly Webster for demonstrating great teamwork skills whilst building a shelter. 

Overall, we have had a fantastic day and everyone is smiling. Come back tomorrow for another update :)

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