Thursday, 4 February 2016

Day 4 Thursday 4th February

Another great day!
All the children have been pond dipping and found  some amazing creatures.
Group B took part in Earthquake, working really well in their teams to climb the obstacles with all the equipment. Max, Freddie and Jessica earning certificates for working together as a team.
Group A were challenged to protect the packaged egg after it had been fired from the trebuchet. Sadly only 1 survived, the rest were eggstinct!
The highlight of the week was the S Factor talent show this evening. Well done Foxes, (Mrs Parsons is proud she has never won before). Everyone worked hard singing and performing and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Well done Phoenix, James, Rosalia,Grace L and Mrs Bowie who all received a Foxy Awards for enjoying the day and entering into the Stubbington spirit.

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