Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Day 3 Wednesday 3rd February

We woke up to a beautiful, clear, blue sky and a busy day beckoned.
Excitedly,we all went to collect our mouse hotels. The anticipation was high as we carried the metal boxes back to the classroom. Luckily, we had caught 3 long tailed field mice and a vole. After weighing and measuring them we made some sketches, before releasing them back into the wild, ready to be caught again by next week's schools.
In the afternoon, the groups split. Some of us went to make shelters, whilst others tackled Earthquake. Both required teamwork, something that some of us found tricky. Although it didn't rain today, some people had an early wash.
Lots of certificates tonight. Stan, Bella, Anais and Freya all showed great teamwork on Earthquake, whilst Oliver, Harrison and Rosie have enjoyed all the activities with enthusiasm.

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