Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Stubbington day 3

Hi from Stubby (as we now call it)

Last night we had a great time playing dorm golf. The driving range was a bit hairy but the putting green more placid. Well done to Earth set who were the victors! Here is Todd showing how it is done.

We went to the beach to study wildlife this morning. If we could sum it up in one world it would be WINDY!!!!!!

Mrs Hadlow thinks Mr Stubbs looks like a farmer in this picture, but really we all know the correct way of describing it would be heroic! (Honest.)

Mrs Bowie the Meerkat!

Huddled like penguins against the wind.

We turned ourselves into kites. Some of the lighter children actually took off but Mrs Parsons had the good mind to attach string. They are all now safely back on terra firma!

Mrs Bowie had a go but strangely did not take off.........

Some post-beach hair doos. You would pay a lot of money for these in a salon. 

We had a mixed schools football tournament where everyone had a great kick about. Well done to all three teams, especially the girls who gave as good as they got! 

Mrs Bowie and Mrs Parsons looking beautiful.

 Animal hotel, we stuffed traps full of lovely food and bedding and hope to see if we caught anything. We look forward to seeing the results tomorrow.

Stubbington Stars for day 3, well done to Ellen and Abbi. Fab stuff! Unfortunately Mr Stubbs got the camera jammed so Abbi is not here, typical!

 More updates tomorrow, keep leaving comments!

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